21 Rising Pet Startups to Watch in 2022

Pet care is a staple of many American households who love and care for their furry sidekicks. The American Pet Products Association reported that pet owners spend an average of $1,380 for dogs and $908 for cats annually. With the pandemic pushing more people inside, pet adoptions soared as did the pet startups.

The interest in pet-centric startups has also grown in leaps and bounds and VCs are taking notice. According to a Pitchbook article stocks of pet ecommerce companies like Chewy and pet insurance company Trupanion have more than tripled since March 2020, warming potential investors to the market.

A recent report from Morgan Stanley explains how the $100 billion pet industry is ready to grow exponentially to $275 billion by 2030 thanks to a surge in new owners, favorable demographics, and increased per-pet spending. 

We’ve compiled some of the up-and-coming pet startups that will be leading the way in pet care innovation for 2022 below. Read on to learn about 21 new startups you should pay attention tost

Pet Type

1. Meowtel

Image source: https://meowtel.com/

What It Is: Meowtel is the #1 cat sitting app in the US. They connect cat parents with trusted and insured in-home cat sitters since cats don’t do well outside of their home environment. Every Meowtel visit includes feeding/watering, litter scooping, playtime, snuggles, and their sitters can even administer medication. With over 20,000 5-star reservations from happy customers, they are bringing purrrfect hospitality to every cat parent nationwide.

Who It’s Best For: Cat owners

Pricing: Every Meowtel sitter sets their own rates and our most popular service type, the 20-minute drop-in visit, starts between $20-$30 in most cities.

Website: https://meowtel.com/

2. Fuzzy Pet Health

Image Source: https://yourfuzzy.com/

What it is: Fuzzy is a tele-veterinary pet startup health and wellness company creating a more proactive, connected relationship between pets and veterinary care via digital solutions. With 24/7 veterinary access and vet-curated pet health and wellness products, pet parents can give pets the healthier, happier lives they deserve.

Who Its For: Dog and cat owners

Pricing: Membership starts at 24.99/mo or 99/yr.

Website: https://yourfuzzy.com/

3. BarkBox

Image Source: https://www.barkbox.com/

What It Is: BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that sends your pup a totally customized box of themed toys and treats for your pet delivered right to your door every month. Each box is tailored to your dog’s size and preferences- owners love it for its fun extras like plushies or fun favors for owners!

Who It’s For: Dog owners

12-month subscription: $23/BarkBox, or $276 total
6-month subscription: $26/BarkBox, or $156 total
Monthly subscription: $32/BarkBox
Includes dog toys!

Website: https://www.barkbox.com/

4. Dinbeat

Image source: https://www.dinbeat.com/en/

What It Is: This wearable device for tracking easily allows you to monitor your pet’s overall health in real-time and completely wirelessly. The smart jacket gathers information about your pet’s electrocardiogram, heart rate, respiration per minute, and temperature, among other important metrics.

Who It’s For: Dog owners

Pricing: Pricing upon request.

Websites: https://www.dinbeat.com/en/

5. PrettyLitter

Image Source: https://www.prudentpet.com/pretty-litter-prettyplease/

What It Is: PrettyLitter is a pet care startup selling smart cat litter that eliminates odors and can help pet owners keep track of their cats’ health. The company’s product is home-delivered and can indicate possible health problems like urinary tract infections with color changes.

Who It’s For: Cat owners

Pricing: Pretty Litter is $22 per bag, delivery included.

Websites: https://www.prettylitter.com/

6. Barkyn

Image Source: https://www.barkyn.com/

What It Is: Barkyn is a personalized dog food startup primarily focused on the Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish markets. The company has some unique features that include food tailored to your dog’s exact needs, 24/7 support from vets, and anti-aging supplements in their food.

Who It’s For: Dog owners

Pricing: Pricing upon request.

Website: https://www.barkyn.com/

7. Pawp

Image Source: https://pawp.com/

What It Is: Pawp is a telehealth pet startup that delivers veterinary care and emergency coverage for a monthly fee. The company aims to help pet owners provide quality care to their pets while avoiding pricey veterinary bills.

Who It’s For: All animal owners

Pricing: $19 a month.

Website: https://pawp.com/

8. Bella and Duke

Image Source: https://healthypetguide.com/bella-duke-natural-raw-dog-food

What It Is: Bella and Duke offers raw dog and cat food for pet owners concerned about the health of their pets and dissatisfied with standard options. The company was launched after the passing of the founder’s dogs. Through research, they concluded that the cancer their pets had might have stemmed from the quality of the pet food they were eating.

Who It’s For: Dog and cat owners

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on your dog’s size and weight, visit the website to learn more.
Website: https://www.bellaandduke.com/

9. Small Door

Image Source: https://miro.medium.com/max/1400/1*1JCwo1BMyjQZZxe8N0SYDQ.jpeg

What It Is: Small Door is among a number of startups capitalizing on boutique veterinary care stating that they provide, “access to exceptional care, stress-free environments, 24/7 telemedicine, transparent pricing and more.”

Who It’s For: Dog and cat owners
Pricing: Membership plans start at $8/month.

Website: https://www.bellaandduke.com/

10. PetHub

Image Source: https://www.pethub.com/article/why_your_pet_needs_digital_ID

What It Is: PetHub is a pet care startup seeking to tackle the problem of lost pets. They offer pet ID tags that can be scanned to show the information needed to reconnect an animal with its owner.

Who It’s For: Dog and cat owners

Pricing: Large tags are $14.95 and small tags are $12.95. Their Basic services are included with all PetHub digital ID tags and are free.

Website: https://www.pethub.com/

11. MoMo Project

Image Source: https://momoproject.co/

What It Is: Momo Project is a pet wellness platform that provides personalized recommendations on each pet’s nutrition. Their team pulls together data on pet food in the US and gives the absolute best choice of food and supplements for your pet based on science and research.

Who It’s For: Dog and Cat Owners

Pricing: Not available yet

Website: https://momoproject.co/

12. PetPlate

Image Source: https://i.insider.com/5bd72cbd3bec366e281a598d?width=1300&format=jpeg&auto=webp

What It Is: PetPlate is an up-and-coming pet startup in the alternative dog food space. They partner with veterinary nutritionist Dr. Renee Streeter to create nutritious meals that include vegetables, real meat, and other nutrients.

Who It’s For: Dog owners

Pricing: Pet Plate costs between $2.50–$10 a day. However, the price will depend on your dog’s breed, size, weight, and activity level.

Website: https://www.petplate.com/

13. Bingo Insurance

Image Source: https://coverager.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Screen-Shot-2020-05-27-at-12.27.47-PM-1.png

What It Is: Underwritten by State Nations, this is Intelligent dog insurance for plan-ahead pet owners. They are a top player on the pet market offering simple, uniquely customizable & affordable insurance for your dog.

Who It’s For: Dog owners

Pricing: Essential Plan:
Annual coverage limit: $100,000;
Annual deductible: $1,000;
Reimbursement percentage: 80%;

Standard Plan:
Annual coverage limit: $100,000;
Annual deductible: $500;
Reimbursement percentage: 80%;

Premium Plan:
Annual coverage limit: $100,000;
Annual deductible: $250;
Reimbursement percentage: 80%.

Website: https://www.joinbingo.co/

14. Farmer’s Dog

Image Source: https://www.thefarmersdog.com/

What It Is: The Farmer’s Dog is an alternative pet food startup that ships dog owners nutritious, fit-for-a-human dog food. A vet-designed plan is customized to your dog’s individual needs. Meals are pre-made and pre-portioned to their calorie needs based on the profile you create.

Who It’s For: Dog owners

Pricing: The price ranges from $4 to $5 per day for a 25-pound dog and $8 to $9 a day for a 55-pound dog.

Website: https://www.thefarmersdog.com/

15. AirVet

Image Source: https://www.airvet.com/

What It Is: AirVet, a Beverly Hills-based on-demand pet telemedicine startup is dedicated to helping your pets. They realized that our favorite animals need on-the-spot care no matter what time of the day or night. Through their specialized services you are able to get the help you need in emergency situations with your pet.

Who It’s For: All pet owners

Pricing: Unlimited virtual exams and follow-ups for only $19.99/month

Website: https://www.airvet.com/

16. Wagmo

Image Source: https://wagmo.io/

What It Is: Wagmo is a pet care startup that provides digital pet wellness services and insurance for monthly fees. They help pet owners cover any emergency you have concerning your pets. They also help with chronic issues, and any other injuries. Their overall wellness plans include common medication, routine visits, and shots as well.

Who It’s For: Dog and cat owners

Pricing: Pet Wellness plans start at $20/month, Pet Insurance plans start at $13/month. Mix and match to build your perfect pet Insurance package.

Website: https://wagmo.io/

17. Pettable

Image Source: https://pettable.com/

What It Is: Pettable is an online ESA letter provider to help you keep your pets close. The company helps people with emotional or mental disorders connect with licensed professionals and ensure that their pets can be an emotional support animal for them.

Who It’s For: Dog and cat owners

Pricing: For a single Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter designed for either housing or travel purposes, the cost is $149. If you want to get both letters, the package deal gives you a discount – the total cost is $199.

Website: https://pettable.com/

18. Petsies

Image Source: https://www.budsies.com/petsies/

What It Is: This one is for the pet parents. Petsies (a portion of the business Budsies) turns art into custom stuffed animals, just take a photo of your four-legged best friend and send it into their dedicated team of craftsmen for production and worldwide shipping.

Who It’s For: Pet lovers

Pricing: $199 per custom stuffed plush

Website: https://www.budsies.com/petsies/

19. PetCode

Image Source: https://petcodeusa.com/

What It Is: PetCode is a pet technology company that offers owners an all-in-one pet management system. Its main features include an intuitive web app, mobile app, and QR tag to track your furry best friend. PetCode is reimagining pet care by giving pet owners more access to their pet’s location and needs.

Who It’s For: Dog and cat owners

Pricing: Free with tag purchase. $24.99 for Premium.

Website: https://petcodeusa.com/

20. Basepaws

Image Source: https://basepaws.com/

What It Is: Pet DNA is comprehensive cat testing and monitoring. Basepaws wants to “take the mystery out of cat ownership” with specific genetic testing kits to uncover your cat’s breed. You can also monitor health indicators that could affect your cat later in life.

Who It’s For: Cat owners

Pricing: Tests start at $129.99.

Website: https://basepaws.com/

21. Wild Earth

Image Source: https://wildearth.com/ 

What It Is: As seen on Shark Tank, Wild Earth provides clean fuel for your pet with super-healthy recipes designed to keep your best friend in their best shape.

Who It’s For: Dog owners

Pricing: Small bag (4 lb): $29
Large bag (18 lb): $70

Website: https://wildearth.com/

Conclusion and recap

As the pet industry continues to grow there are new and exciting startups to watch as we head into 2022. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed diving into some of the leaders of the pack for the new year. Have you heard of any pet startups we should add to this list? Reach out and let us know!

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