The 21 Best Virtual Offices in San Francisco [2022 Guide]

As we go into 2022 we are all still adjusting to our ‘new normal’. Some businesses are starting to return to their offices, while others have found that working from home in PJs suits them much better.

Whether you’re a freelancer, part of a startup or a large business choosing the right virtual is a big decision. We’ve rounded up the best of the best in the San Francisco and Bay Area to make the process a breeze.

Check out the top 21 virtual offices that offer prime locations and services to keep your company working at peak performance. With every office we’ve looked into:

  • Membership costs and contract lengths
  • Pros and cons
  • Best fit for different types of businesses

Read on to find the best virtual office for you!

21 Best Virtual Offices in San Francisco in 2022

Here is a shortlist of categories that’ll help you find the best virtual office for you.

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San Francisco's Best Virtual Offices

How to Choose a Virtual Office

Every business has different needs and sometimes that requires a full office, in other cases it does not. A virtual office can allow your business to function remotely without the hassle of owning a physical location. In this article, we will dive into some of the best virtual offices in San Francisco and some of the factors that make these places a great place to house your business.


San Francisco has a wide variety of bustling areas to choose from. If you are going to pick up your mail in person, choosing a neighborhood that is close to you might be beneficial. However if you have an international business the address might be your deciding factor.


Some of these locations only offer a business address for you to use or mail forwarding, while others offer access to conference rooms, kitchens, receptionists, and more. Depending on your budget and business needs there are options to fit every company.


These options range from $50-$300. If there are multiple locations the general range of prices is displayed.


Virtual offices may have contracts or set-up charges and it is important to take a look at what you’re signing up for depending on your needs. For some, a 6-month contract wouldn’t make sense if you plan on expanding quickly or moving.

I am interested in a virtual office located in:

Price Range/Month

I am interested in a virtual office that offers:

Financial District

1. Runway Innovation Hub

office space san francisco

Best for: Tech founders and companies looking to have a virtual office in the heart of San Francisco.

Pros: We love our space and we know you will too! We have great amenities, spacious office spaces, and a first-class location. Runway has everything you need to run your business.

Our all-inclusive virtual office provides you with everything you need. You’ll receive an address in our building, storage and forwarding of business mail, a receptionist to answer your calls, and access to our coworking and conference spaces.

Join our caring community of founders in our recently renovated, bright building. Connect with our members in our open workspaces and build your business with our innovation consulting services.

Cons: Limited space for larger events.

Prices: Virtual Office: $99

  • Virtual business address


Premium Virtual Office: $187

  • Mail receipt & forwarding
  •  Call answering
  •  Coworking hot desk
  •  Conference rooms
  •  Personalized guidance

Location: 160 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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2. Canopy

Photo credits: Canopy

Canopy is a beautifully designed coworking and virtual office space with three locations.

Best for: Small businesses and startups.

Pros: They have 3 San Francisco locations that involve you in their cultural programming calendar. Their spaces are beautifully designed and provide a great space to pick up your business mail or have your business address located if you are out of the country. 

Cons: There is a 1-year commitment. Membership commitment is longer compared to other virtual office options.

Prices: $100/mo with 1-year contract



  • 595 Pacific Ave 4th floor
  • 2193 Fillmore St
  • 353 Kearny St

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3. Sansome Street

Photo credits: Instant Offices


Sansome Street is a stately office building offering you an amazing location for your virtual office.

Best for: Everyone.

Pros: This building is also the Citigroup building. It has a wonderful front lobby where you can greet visitors if you need to meet them while you are in town.

Cons: Additional fees for mail forwarding and office usage apply. A 6-month commitment is required.

Prices: Business address $79/mo with $150 setup fee

Business address with live receptionist $174/mo with $150 setup fee


1 Sansome Street, Suite 3500, San Francisco CA 94104

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4. Raven Office Centers

Photo credits: Raven Office Centers

Raven Office Centers gives you mail storage and forwarding along with a financial district address for your company.

Best for: Small businesses.

Pros: Downtown location near the BART Station with all basic virtual office services covered and additional perks like complimentary food and mail scanning.

Cons: No weekend or holiday access and using the conference rooms incur additional costs.

Prices: Month-to-month at $59/mo


Location: 388 Market Street in San Francisco, CA

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5. Premier Workspaces

Photo credits: Yelp

Premier Workspaces provides a variety of flexible options from basic mail service to professional phone answering, they have solutions for every business.

Best for: Everyone.

Pros: The location is great and there is a cafe in the building to grab a cup of joe if you are in San Francisco for meetings or events.

Cons: The large building that hosts many different companies and offices can be overwhelming.

Prices: Starting at $125 per month and vary depending on location.

Location: One Sansome Street, Suite 3500, San Francisco, CA 94104

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6. Intelligent Office

Photo credits: Liquidspace

Located in the Financial District, Intelligent Office helps businesses become intelligent and profitable with virtual offices.

Best for: Great for everyone!

Pros: Very responsive and customer-oriented management. Intelligent Office provides a great location, super clean facilities, and 24/7 mail access. You can book hourly rooms.

Cons: Charges for long-distance phone calls if you are not a user of their hourly meeting spaces. Any monthly plans require a 6-month contract.

Prices: Business address $70/mo with 6-month contract ($100 startup fee) They have customized phone answering and virtual assistant plans upon request.



100 Pine St, Ste 1250, San Francisco, CA 94111

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7. Spaces- Levi’s Pizza

Photo credits: Spaceworks

Spaces- Levi’s Pizza is a mix of private office spaces, flexible workspaces and meeting rooms to fit any growing business.

Best for: Small businesses and startups.

Pros: It’s located right around the corner from pizza if you ever visit! It’s located in the heart of San Francisco’s Waterfront community and also has outdoor areas if you want to meet clients if you are visiting.

Cons: A little more difficult to get to than other locations.

Prices: Business address $80/mo, answering services $122/mo, virtual office $203/mo


Location: 1160 Battery Street East, Suite 100, San Francisco, California 94111

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South of Market

8. Spaces – 3rd and Mission

Photo credits: Spaceworks


Located in the SoMa neighborhood, Spaces provides creative offices to grow your business.

Best for: For small businesses and startups.

Pros: If you subscribe to their larger virtual office packages you can gain access to networking events and spaces. Contracts are flexible and built to your specific needs.

Cons: Very bright open concept plan, can be hard to focus if you plan on using their conference spaces.

Prices: Business address $93/mo, answering services $112/mo, virtual office $207/mo, virtual office plus $330/mo


Location: 95 Third Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California 94103

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9. Pacific Workplaces

Photo credits: Liquidspace

Pacific Workspaces offers cutting edge technology to run your business with beautiful views of the bay if you stop by.

Best for: Small businesses and startups

Pros: Pacific Workplace has a great location and a variety of packages to choose from. All virtual membership options are on a month-to-month basis and are affordable. 

Cons: Lower cost packages don’t include access to digital mail, call answering, 24/7 access, or printing.


  • Mail Plan $49/mo
  • On-the-Go Office $119/mo
  • V-Office Part-Time Office $169/mo
  • V-Office Plus Part-Time Office $239/mo


Location: 201 Spear St #1100, San Francisco, CA 94105

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10. ReadiSuite

office space

Photo credits: ReadiSuite

ReadiSuite provides furnished office spaces, conference rooms, and virtual offices at their San Francisco building. They’re located right by Yerba Buena Gardens. 

Best for: Small businesses and freelancers.

Pros: Large range of service packages for every business need. Laid back building is near many local restaurants and conveniently located if you are in SF.

Cons: Smaller office space. Must commit to at least 4 months.


  • Mail service $65/mo
  • Answering service $80/mo
  • Mail/answering service $109/mo
  • Business package (4 hours conference use) $175/mo
  • Business package (16 hours conference use) $250/mo



649 Mission St #500
San Francisco, CA 94105

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11. Alliance Virtual Office- Market Street

Photo credits: Alliance Virtual Office

This impressive virtual office on Market Street is a prestigious address for your business, provides call answering services, access to furnished offices, and more.

Best for: Everyone!

Pros: Beautiful location for your business address.

Cons: Lack of information on the property and the offerings available. 6-month commitment is required.

Prices: Platinum plan $85/mo ($150 setup fee), platinum plan with live receptionist $185/mo ($150 setup fee)


388 Market Street, Suite 1300, San Francisco CA 9411

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12. AvantSpace

Photo credits: AvantSpace

This simple and sophisticated spot is the first co-working and virtual office to pop up in the Marina District.

Best for: Small businesses and startups.

Pros: Lovely, relaxing space. To join you need to apply to become a part of the community.

Cons: Only offers mail service. No phone answering or administrative offerings.

Prices: $100/mo


Location: 2181 Greenwich Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 (@ Fillmore)

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13. Carr Workplaces

Photo credits: Upsuite

Carr Workplaces, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center, is a great location for your virtual business needs. 

Best for: Everyone!

Pros: All-inclusive pricing with IT services and on-site support give you 24/7 access to a fully functioning office. This location also has on-site parking.

Cons: Mail forwarding and scanning are additional costs.

Prices: Business address $80/mo, phone answering service $80/mo, virtual office complete $349/mo


Location: Four Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400 San Francisco, CA 94111

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Union Square

14. Techspace

Photo credits: Pivotdesk

Techspace is a growing coworking and virtual office space in San Francisco’s Union Square neighborhood. 

Best for: Smaller businesses.

Pros: Modern, well-lit space with sweeping city views to wow your clients for any in-person meetings. Includes voicemail to email and transfer calls to your cell phone.

Cons: Prices are subject to change and are only included with coworking space membership.

Prices: Based on office size and coworking packages.


77 Geary Street, 5th Floor,, San Francisco, CA 94108

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Silicon Valley North

15. Spaces Oyster Point

Photo credits: Spaceworks

Spaces-Oyster Point is an inspiring workspace and virtual office located in the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley North.

Best for: Small businesses and startups.

Pros: On-site parking and easy access to the highways. You can also add local numbers for your different business regions if you need to.

Cons: Location is not as centrally located as some of the offices.

Prices: Business address $56/mo, answering services $112/mo, virtual office $169/mo, virtual office plus $256/mo



611 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 120, San Francisco, California 9408

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16. Liquidspace

Photo credits: Liquidspace

Liquidspace is a bit different from the group but is still worth mentioning. If you need an office for just a few hours this is a great place to find one quickly. They provide commitment-free monthly and hourly booking to a wide range of workspaces.

Best for: Anyone looking for an office.

Pros: Ability to have an office for any non-virtual meetings you may have if you need to for a few hours.

Cons: Hourly usage is not entirely virtual.

Prices: Dependent on office location.


Many locations.

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17. Coworker

Photo credits: Coworker

Coworker is a private office and virtual office that brings you all of the nearest available locations on one platform.

Best for: Everyone

Pros: A great resource for finding virtual offices near your home or current business, or if you are not in the area and are curious about expanding.

Cons: Requires more research to find the locations nearest to you.

Prices: Dependant on the location

Location: Over 18,500 on the website

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18. Rovva

Photo credits: Rovva 

Rovva allows you access to three thousand locations and the ability to expand into new markets without the cost of setting up a permanent office.

Best for: Everyone who may need to establish themselves in multiple locations.

Pros: Great collection of different available virtual offices compiled under one roof to help you find the best location for you.

Cons: The number of different locations can lead to differences in the quality of customer service.

Prices: Business address $37/mo, virtual office mobile $144/mo, virtual office workspace $207/mo


Location: Multiple locations

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19. Regus

Photo credit: Regus

With over 3,000 spaces in 120 countries, Regus is a large player in the virtual office world.

Best for: Finding a large office near where you live.

Pros: Offers the convenience of globally distributed business with lounge access. Also, if you plan on expanding to other cities you can avoid the fees that can come with relocation.

Cons: Many of Regus’ office amenities have hidden fees associated. Printing is located elsewhere and with a large infrastructure, it can be difficult to communicate with them. 

Prices: Dependent on location prices range from $56 to $122 per month


Location: 12 locations across San Francisco

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20. CloudVo

Photo credits: CloudVo

CloudVo offers state-of-the-art workplaces and virtual office services on a monthly subscription or pay-per-use basis. 

Best for: Small businesses.

Pros: Flexible solutions including credit passes for more office or conference room usage. Supports users that want to work at more than one location.

Cons: Administrative fees on signing the contract and set up fee depending on location. No consistency of offices since they have a multitude of workspaces under their umbrella. Must make a 3-month commitment.


Depending on location

  • Mail Plan $59-$79/mo
  • Live phone answering service $99/mo
  • Credit system pass (for office usage) $199/mo


Location: Multiple locations across San Francisco 

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21. Davinci Virtual

Photo credits: Davinci Virtual Office

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the global provider of business addresses, live answering services, coworking, and meeting spaces.

Best for: Anyone needing a virtual office, with locations nationwide.

Pros: With the ease of setup, you can use your business address within two days. They have many convenient locations.

Cons: Depending on the location, there may be fees for optional office services like mail forwarding and a one-time setup fee.

Prices: Range from $50/mo to $200/mo depending on the address


Location: 5 locations across San Francisco

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Conclusion and recap

There are many options for finding the best virtual offices to suit your business needs. We hope you enjoyed reading about these 21 Best Virtual Offices in San Francisco!

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