Paul Kallmes

IP, US Market Entry

Paul Kallmes is an independent technology professional with a focus on foreign start-ups coming to the US, with a specialty in the strategic management of intellectual property. My nearly 20 years of IP and technology licensing and management have given me a broad base in the nuance and complexities of developing and deploying intangible assets to the benefit of IP owners and users alike. I have extensive experience in various industries in IP management and manufacturing. I have extensive international experience working with companies in the US, Europe and Asia on patent portfolio development, market entry strategies, product development and roll-out, and early-stage fund-raising activities. Intangible assets and intellectual property are becoming ever more important in today’s economy, and every company in a technology space needs to take their IP issues seriously or risk being left behind by their competitors. My current focus on assisting start-ups from various European and Asian countries allows me to see a wide range of opportunities that will make positive contributions to various markets in the US and around the world.