Zack Jenkins

Brand Growth & Marketing

Energetic & dynamic, full-stack marketing team leader with ten years of experience building effective, branded content initiatives as a high-level strategist and hands-on collaborator. I use my enthusiasm for telling a great story and a strategic, engagement-focused mindset to deliver large-scale projects that reinforce brand ideals and generate successful business results.

I promote a community-oriented mindset and culture of collaboration among cross-functional teams to achieve consistent and stellar results. My strengths lie in cultivating diverse partnerships both internally and externally, as well as creating engaging and community-aligned brand experiences involving influencer and on-product, user-generated content to tell channel-specific and outcome-focused stories. I oversee aspects of strategy, messaging, and creative production to develop and deploy comprehensive brand visions for early or growth-stage startups and established technology brands alike.

Outside of my professional life I write poetry and short stories, enjoy photography, run marathons (50 to date) and triathlons (7 Ironmans so far). I firmly believe that the right cute doggo meme and appropriately timed gif (Team G not J) can get teams through tough days and work delivered on deadline with unique enthusiasm. Do you agree? If so, LinkedIn me. Let’s work together to feature amazing stories with products/platforms that transform the world.