Meet Runway's Mosaic Network

Mosaic is Runway’s expert network of the best, brightest, and quirkiest in their fields working together to drive innovation.

Maria Pienaar

Maria Pienaar US Investor Readiness, Go-To-Market Strategy, Corporate Innovation, Fintech, Telecomm Maria Pienaar is senior executive with demonstrated expertise driving breakthrough revenue growth, profitability, and

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Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller Business Development, Investor, Leadership, US Market Entry Sandra Miller is CEO of Runway, a premiere innovation hub at the epicenter of San Francisco’s

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Christian Litsch

Christian Litsch Market Intelligence, Corporate Innovation Christian Litsch has a proven track record of driving results across a range of situations from startup ventures to

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Jeremy Glassenberg

Jeremy Glassenberg Product Management & Platform Leader, APIs, Fintech, Security, AI Experienced Product leader of over 13 years with a proven track record of building

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Steve Adelman

Steve Adelman Business Development, US Market Entry, Corporate Venturing & Strategy Steve Adelman is the founder and Managing Director of Nexus Partners, a Silicon Valley

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Martyn Eeles

Martyn Eeles Sales, VC, Health tech I am a former top ten financial advisor, executive board member, and executive leadership coach in the Bay Area.

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