It's official, we have moved!

Runway’s new home on the 10th floor of 160 Spear Street. You’ll find an extensive FAQ below that will answer many of your questions. 


Have a question we didn’t cover?
Contact Joyce Haven at [email protected] and she’ll find answers for you!

Move date on: Thursday, 7/22/2021
Last Date at 1355: Friday, 7/23/2021

We’ve contracted with our member company, GoodGreen Moving, to move items from 1355 Market to 160 Spear. You’re welcome to leave all items you wish to move with us at your desk and they will be packed by professional movers with Runway’s items and delivered to the new space. You will need to sign a release of liability for items being moved. Alternatively, you can move your own items by 7/20. After this date your items will be ransomed to space cowboys.

No. Your current pricing will remain the same. We are offering an incentive of 50% off one month’s membership fees to encourage you to join us.

Please contact Joyce Haven at [email protected] as soon as possible to discuss options.

160 Spear Street, Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94105

We will take care of USPS forwarding from 1355 Market to 160 Spear. All other changes of address, including incorporation documents, IRS, and other governmental entities will need to be done by member companies. If you have any questions regarding change of address please contact Katie Whitcraft at [email protected]

A bonus of our new space is that mail is delivered directly to the suite instead of going through a building mail room.

160 Spear does not have an allowance for pets. Only trained service animals are allowed in the building. You may be asked if your dog is a service animal, but you are not required to show proof.

Currently 160 Spear doesn’t have showers, but there are many gyms nearby.

Yes, there’s a lot below the building accessible from the Main street side. Additionally, there are public lots located nearby.

Indoor bicycle parking is available behind the loading dock to the left, with the elevator on your right.

Yes. Your health and safety are important to us. We will continue to institute social distancing measures and require masks for unvaccinated members at the new building for as long as the San Francisco County Health Department requires. Guests will be required to provide proof of vaccination before going unmasked in the space.

You will need to sign an amendment stipulating the new address. The amendment will be provided to you via HelloSign.

Food delivery personnel are not allowed upstairs, but there is a secure cubby for them to leave your delivery in the lobby.

Yes, they are located in the lobby near the loading dock.

180 Steuart St, San Francisco, CA 94105 which is a 3 minute walk from Runway.

The security staff at the new location are exceedingly kind and helpful. The check-in procedure itself is similar to what you’re used to. You’ll need to register guests(we’ll provide details closer to the move.) When your guest checks in downstairs they’ll need to provide a photo ID. We expect this process to be more smooth and better managed by the new building’s security team.

If you are a dedicated desk member, a layout of the new space will be provided with available desks numbered on it. Desk requests will be taken on a first come, first served basis and only confirmed upon signing the amendment to your member agreement. After reviewing the layout, please let Katherine know your top 3 preferred locations.

Katherine will follow up with information on receiving your new badge.

Business Hours are 9am-5pm, Members have access to Runway 24/7 with an access badge (same access as at 1355 Market.)